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(O'Reilly Media, November 2010)

Flex Blog: LearningFlex4.wordpress.com

Thursday September 29, 2011:
Google Search Application in Flex 4
Unfortunately, the Yahoo! web services, which we consumed using the ASTRA Flex library and introduced near pages 232-233, are deprecated and discontinued, devaluing the book I realize many of you bought with hard-earned money. In light of this reversal, I applied myself to replacing the YahooSearch example with something comparable. This alternative arrangement consumes the Google Search API, […]

Saturday July 02, 2011:
Load PDF Content into an AIR Application
It’s deceptively simple to load a PDF file into an AIR appliction. Basically, point an HTMLLoader at a URLRequest—which can take a local file path—add the HTMLLoader to a UIComponent, then add the UIComponent to a container. In this case, I added the UIComponent directly to the application, but it stands to reason you could […]

Sunday June 19, 2011:
Debugging in FlashDevelop: Stepping Through Code
This post discusses debugging with breakpoints in FlashDevelop 4 as well as FlashDevelop 3.3.4. My original tutorial covered FlashDevelop 3.3.4 RTM, but it fell out of date with the release of FlashDevelop 4, so I added details to accomodate that release. Debugging in FlashDevelop 4 (FlashDevelop 4 Beta2) If you want to debug your ActionScript code in FlashDevelop […]

Saturday December 11, 2010:
Primer on Byte-Level Development in AS3
http://gotoandlearn.com/play.php?id=120 Lee Brimelow posted a fantastic primer on byte-level development using ActionScript 3.  This tutorial is a 30-minute screencast where Lee demonstrates how to read a format spec and develop a solution for handling an unsupported file format with ActionScript 3.  This is a fantastic tutorial and well worth the time of anyone interested in byte-level […]

Tuesday December 07, 2010:
Create an AIR Application to Write Your XML
I keep finding myself wishing we spent more time in the book discussing Adobe AIR, so I decided to add some extra content here.  Of course, if you run into any questions or concerns, feel free to post them here. The following application demonstrates a few key uses for AIR’s File() class, particularly: 1) Open a dialog […]

Monday November 08, 2010:
The Book’s Source Code by Chapter
Just in case people come here looking for the book’s example code: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 Elijah [Update: It seems the Yahoo searching service has gone offline. I modified the code […]

Friday August 27, 2010:
Drag From a List, Drop in a TextInput
Today I wanted to drag an item from a List and drop it into a TextInput. I had never used the DragManager in this manner, but Kumar Gandhi’s post exposed the task for its simplicity. Check it out here: http://flexonblog.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/drag-and-drop-from-list-control-to-textinputnon-list-control-control-in-flex/

Saturday August 21, 2010:
Flex Audio Player code available
If you want to create a Flex 4 Audio Player, feel free to get started using the code on my homepage (opens in a new window).  I’ve enabled “View Source” on the release build, so you only have to load the site, right-click on the audio player, select “View Source”, and then in the lower-left, choose […]

Wednesday July 28, 2010:
Going Commando: Compiling Flex 4 projects in Linux using Free SDK Tools
This post demonstrates how to setup a Linux (Ubuntu 9+) system to compile Flex 4 projects using Adobe’s Flex 4 SDK. My assumption is you already know a little something about Flex 4.  That, or you’re in the process of learning it now.  These instructions focus on the steps necessary to configure Linux for command line compiling.  However, I […]

GIS Blog: Cartometric.com/blog

Monday January 27, 2014:
PostGREsql/PostGIS Implementation of Google’s Encoded Polyline Algorithm
[Edit 30 Jan, 2014] I added an additional PostGREsql method to perform Polygon encoding by concatenating polygon geometries (delimiter: †) and their inner rings (delimiter: ‡) together into one massive encoded block of ring features. I also provided an example JavaScript method demonstrating how to bring the amalgamated polygon feature encodings into your Google Map. [...]

Friday November 08, 2013:
PostGIS: query all multipolygon parcels with at least one hole
I was writing some code to iterate over Well Known Text expressions for polygon features, and I decided I needed to test the most complex edge-case I could think of–multipolygon geometries where at least one of the bound polygons has a hole (i.e. an interior ring). I ended up with the following query. This seems [...]

Monday August 05, 2013:
Install httplib2 to your Preferred Python Runtime after ArcGIS Unceremoniously Hijacks the First Attempt
We’re going to use Google Maps Engine for some stuff, and so I thought I’d throw my first codes at it using Python. Well.. Google’s Python example requires the httplib2 library, so I needed to install that. When I did—following the library’s download/instructions—for some reason, the library went into service against ArcGIS’s embedded Python runtime, [...]

Friday December 28, 2012:
osm2pgsql help and usage
I wanted a more convenient place to read the osm2pgsql help output, so this seemed as good a place as any for it. /E ----------------------------------------------------------------- osm2pgsql -h osm2pgsql SVN version 0.80.0 (32bit id space) Usage:         osm2pgsql [options] planet.osm         osm2pgsql [options] planet.osm.{gz,bz2}         osm2pgsql [options] file1.osm file2.osm file3.osm This will import the data from [...]

Friday December 21, 2012:
Resident “lunatic” of LinkedIn
Just updated my LinkedIn profile.. This is just TOO FUNNY right now! I totally had to save this for posterity. Unfortunately it will probably disappear before you can say “Jack Robinson”.

Tuesday December 18, 2012:
mapnik rundemo.exe error: run from within the demo/c++ folder?
So I just installed the mapnik 2.0.1 binaries for Windows, and I ran into a “gotcha.” I couldn’t figure this out by Googling, so hopefully this post will help someone.  (Be sure to note the embarrassing conclusion.) Specifically, following a fresh mapnik install, rundemo.exe told me this: C:\mapnik-2.0.1rc0\demo\c++>rundemo.exe usage: ./rundemo <mapnik_install_dir> Usually /usr/local/lib/mapnik Warning: ./rundemo [...]

Tuesday December 18, 2012:
osm2pgsql and windows errors: failed to start MSVCR90.dll, Connection to database failed, etc..
I’m following the BostonGIS tutorial(s) to learn how to setup an OpenStreetMap tile server on Windows (XP 32, cos’ that’s what’s on the desk), and I’m running into headache after headache. So this post notes the gotcha’s I’m encountering and how I’m fixing them (optimistically assuming I fix all of them). “Thar be dragons..” ————————————————— [...]

Saturday October 20, 2012:
Decode Google Map encoded points as Well Known Text (WKT) with Python
I had close encounter of the 5th kind yesterday.. here’s the gist.. It started when someone “gave” me a GIS dataset (..of polygons, kind of..) that a colleague of theirs, way back in ancient history, chose to pre-cook as ASCII-encoded point pairs. Their intention was almost certainly to use the pre-cooked data in Google Maps. [...]

Saturday January 21, 2012:
PostGIS: count all features of each GeometryType in a spatial table
Sometimes, just when you think you’ve got something figured out –you get reminded that you really don’t.  :/ As you may know, ESRI allows for single and muli-part geometries to live in the same FeatureClass. So, if I have a shapefile of roads, there might be both LINESTRING and MULTILINESTRING features in that dataset. I live just [...]

Saturday November 19, 2011:
Prepare a Shapefile for OpenScales using ogr2ogr and PostGREsql
This post explains how to import GIS data (a shapefile, in this case) into a database (PostGREsql) so it can be consumed by most any mapping API. I have OpenScales in mind, but this approach will support any mapping app with functions for rendering feature overlays using geodetic coordinates (i.e Longitude and Latitude). In many cases, you’ll need to translate your feature [...]

Answers at gis.stackexchange.com

Thursday April 10, 2014:
How to export a shape polygon to a file

Monday April 07, 2014:
Best source for high-resolution satellite images free/low-cost?

Tuesday March 18, 2014:
How to convert NAD 27 to WebMercator in using the ESRI Silverlight API? (C#)

Monday February 10, 2014:
GoogleMaps URL string to display unique marker

Friday January 17, 2014:
Why is it not advisable to perform spatial analysis on layers with source datasets having same datum but different projections?

Wednesday November 13, 2013:
Bulk lookup of address census tract and block

Wednesday October 02, 2013:
How to make Mapnik render Erdas images in RGB instead of grayscale?

Wednesday May 22, 2013:
Searching for c# code to convert from UTM to WGS1984 (and back)

Thursday May 09, 2013:
Does tile server renders every request?

Thursday April 25, 2013:
Help getting my flex service publicly accessible

Wednesday April 24, 2013:
Downloading multiple files from TIGER FTP site

Friday April 19, 2013:
Python code: Using Search Cursor to find missing values in attribute table between two layers in one MXD

Thursday April 18, 2013:
How to crop a satellite image?

Thursday April 18, 2013:
osm2pgsql Error: operator class "gist_geometry_ops" does not exist for access method "gist"

Wednesday April 17, 2013:
gdal_retile.py and gdal_translate Requirements

Wednesday April 17, 2013:
How to convert geometry to WKT using ArcPy?

Wednesday April 17, 2013:
gdal_retile.py tile naming scheme

Wednesday April 17, 2013:
Finding depression with contour lines

Wednesday April 17, 2013:
QGIS vs ArcGIS (features)

Tuesday April 16, 2013:
Using 3D Raster Domain to get polygon of raster - but stripping Z and M values

Tuesday April 16, 2013:
OGR - Weird GeomType -2147483645 on polygon shapefile

Tuesday April 16, 2013:
Join multiple shapes in a workspace based on a common field

Wednesday December 26, 2012:
Map service created correctly but is inaccessible from the Flex API

Wednesday December 26, 2012:
QGIS crashes when adding vector layer from mysql or testing connection to mysql

Monday December 24, 2012:
How can I web map service published by Dojo in Flex app

Saturday December 22, 2012:
Negative values in Flex app

Saturday December 22, 2012:
How can I programmatically get the path of "Python.exe" used by ArcMap

Friday December 21, 2012:
Why can't I edit polygons once they have been saved to MySQL?

Wednesday December 12, 2012:
Bentley DGN format to Oracle Spatial

Wednesday December 05, 2012:
Exporting DEM-derived rasters to CSV from QGIS?